Website redesign and digital marketing


Our team was tasked with revamping the website of The Dylan, an exclusive boutique hotel in Amsterdam, to bring it more in line with the character of the hotel. We aimed to create a truly distinct website, elegant and contemporary, engaging the viewer from the very first click.

We visited the property with fresh eyes to draw out inspiration from the atmosphere and subtle features.

After this, we began with a style update with a fitting typeface and a contemporary colour palette that reflected the hotel and brand. Then we moved on to the website concept. What struck our team as a differentiating factor of the hotel was the variety of luxurious rooms, each one unique and authentic, with distinct character. We applied those same principles to the website. Every page has its own feel and character.

Photography credits: Roel Ruijs

Project achievements

A long-standing partnership of 9 years to continually increase awareness and drive bookings.