Spring Travel Marketing Updates

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As the northern hemisphere blooms with the arrival of spring, it's the perfect time for us to dive into some exciting updates in the travel marketing sphere.

In this blog post we'll be exploring everything from the latest springtime data trends in hospitality, to revitalising your content and campaigns for the season. Plus, we'll delve into the latest search trends in SEO to ensure your online presence is blooming. So grab a cup of tea, sit back, and let's spring into action! 

Data: A Season of Growth and Opportunity

Spring is here, and so is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the surge in hospitality activity. With both traffic and bookings on the rise, it's time to embrace the seasonal change and make the most of the sunny days ahead. Let's dive into some strategic insights to help your hotel thrive in this bustling season.

Planning ahead with lead times

As the flowers start to bloom, so does the demand for sunnier getaways. High-end hotels are already receiving summer bookings with several months of lead time, while upper-midscale hotels are experiencing shorter lead times as travellers seek last-minute escapes to enjoy the tail end of spring. The location of your guests matters too - those travelling from further afield are booking their summer vacations earlier than those closer by. This trend highlights the need for readiness and adaptability to meet the varying planning horizons of your guests.

Leisure's on the Rise!

As we assess the changing landscape, it's clear that leisure travel is enjoying a surge. Longer stays (3+ nights) for couples and families are becoming more popular, indicating a growing desire for extended getaways. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase the distinctive experiences and packages that your hotel is renowned for.

Business and Solo Travel Still Going Strong

Even as leisure travel gains momentum, our data tells us that there's still a strong demand for business and solo trips. Short stays (1-2 nights) remain popular, catering to this demographic and highlighting the importance of offering a balanced array of services. While longer bookings contribute to increased average transaction values, it's essential to continue providing options for those seeking quick work trips or solo bookings. This is particularly crucial for upscale hotels, where we see that shorter stays with fewer guests per booking are often preferred.

Unlocking Opportunities in the German Market

An interesting pattern has emerged from our European market data: Initially, we noticed a slow start in bookings from the German market for our mid-scale and high-end segments. However, things are looking up! Despite still lagging a bit compared to last year, the German market is starting to bounce back, especially for mid-scale hotels. It seems like the slower bookings are likely due to a change in booking habits rather than a drop in demand. Seizing this current momentum and focusing on the German market could give hotels a leg up against competitors who might be avoiding investing in this market because of the lag.

Direct Bookings and Marketing Strategies

The landscape of direct bookings is evolving, with an increasing number of first-time bookers indicating a shift in consumer behaviour. This trend suggests a rising portion of direct traffic from paid ads, such as Google ads and Google Local listings, across the hospitality spectrum which is impacting luxury and upper-midscale hotels alike. What does that mean for hotels? Now's not the time to scale back on marketing efforts! Instead, focus on strategies that convert new guests into repeat visitors. From traditional tactics to creative digital campaigns, there's plenty you can do to boost your visibility and attract those eager springtime travellers.

Creative: Revitalise Your Content and Campaigns for Spring

With everyone dreaming about warm, sunny getaways, it's time for a seasonal update on all your digital content and campaigns.

Update your Assets

Spring offers the ideal opportunity to refresh your campaign imagery. Bid farewell to cosy winter scenes paired with moody music, and instead showcase your sunniest, most vibrant assets that evoke a sense of fresh air, colour, warmer weather, and new beginnings. For new digital campaigns, embrace your best spring/summer imagery to ensure your assets stay relevant for the coming months.

Review your Copywriting

While refreshing your creative, remember to also review your copywriting. You don't want to be referencing 'cosy moments by the fire' to an audience looking for a hotel room in May. Ensure your words radiate with energy (whilst staying true to your brand's tone of voice, of course), capturing that inspirational, revitalised feeling that's so unique to spring.

Keep Guests Updated on Social

As you map out your organic social media content calendar, now is the time to transition from wintry landscapes to vibrant, sun-kissed scenes. Highlight your property's outdoor areas, alfresco dining, and local attractions ideal for warmer days. Keep in mind that guests often browse your social profiles in anticipation of their stay, seeking inspiration. So it's important to stay current with organic social content, providing an authentic preview of what awaits them. Share updates on blossoming gardens, the availability of outdoor dining, or the reopening of your rooftop bar for the season.

SEO: Search Trends

Gathering popular search terms allows you a peek inside your potential guest’s brain. When it comes to Spring travel, these are some of the most used queries to take advantage of as a hotel.

Search terms that are on the rise

Spring Travel Outfits
Spring is such an unpredictable season, especially in big parts of Europe. Help your potential guests by giving them ideas on what to pack for their trip through a search engine optimised article. Share similar content on your social media channels to capture the attention of those who are searching on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Vacation Songs
Going on a road trip? Then you need a soundtrack! Time goes by fast during those long drives when you can sing along or just listen to uplifting, mood-enhancing songs. Later, these songs will remind you of this trip as an everlasting memory. Inspire future guests by compiling a fitting playlist for their vacation. Next to that you can look for trending Spring songs and use them to accompany your social media posts.

Train Tickets Europe / Eurostar / Eurorail
Next to road trips, according to search volume, users are looking to travel Europe by train this Spring. Join that conversation by highlighting your location close to a train station and/or suggest a combination trip to several of your hotels by use of this mode of transport.

Europe Travel Warning
Lots is going on in and near Europe at the moment. For your potential overseas guests reading all about this in the news, it could be discouraging to plan a trip. Reassure them by writing about the safe conditions currently in your country.

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