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Brand development and creative services for a unique fully electric yacht

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Although electric yachts have traditionally had a flashy image, The Orange Studio was commissioned to position the new Lumen E10 all-electric yacht in a meaningful way, charged with storytelling and a purpose that is anchored in rest so you can recharge in nature close to home and be your best self.

Our Work

Develop a brand DNA that is rooted in the original purpose of the owner. Through workshops and target market research, we created a DNA that is timeless and natural to the way the Lumen team works.

A visual identity based on the DNA and one that resonates with the audience. The visual identity is understated, yet through the use of colour, one that sticks in the mind. The tone of voice and verbal identity is designed to take you on a journey of solitude, alone or with loved ones.

It was natural for us to create a distinctive digital image for Lumen. We only designed the website for this brand. To ensure the tone of voice was in line with the brand, we wrote all the copy for the new website. The development of the website is done in-house by the company. The site will be launched soon.

Our in-house graphic designers worked as part of the Lumen team to create beautiful branded materials including business cards, letterheads, presentation templates and invitations.

Website Design

Website Design

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